Archetyp Market

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Estimated read time 3 min read

Archetyp is a drugs-only, XMR-only darknet market that was launched in May 2020. The market currently features about 850 listings from 247 vendors, which renders it a small- to medium-sized darknet market. It uses the old-fashioned account wallet and escrow system, which means there are no direct pay or multisig options. Because Archetyp is a drug-only market, it is much simpler and easy to navigate than most others. We appreciate the night theme for the website background; the website itself being both graphically pleasing and well-constructed.

Archetyp Market link – j3y2qnolfeb3gicvdbc2ontscggx56mt7jksdbz4goqv6rr73tdrwuyd.onion

For a complete guide on Archetyp Market please check our guide here.

One of the interesting things about Archetyp that it doesn’t share with other markets is its ‘Games’ section. In here you can find wagering on political and social events, as well as bets related to the market itself. You can even bet on how darknet markets will close (bust, exit scam, or retire) using the market’s Deadpool feature. While the market’s default currency display is euros and a lot of the English is mis-spelled, the market caters to a worldwide audience, with the majority of vendors located across Europe, the U.S., and Australia.


Product Selection

Listings on Archetyp are divided into the following categories: Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelic, Prescriptions, Steroids, and Dissociatives. Of these, Cannabis is by far the most popular category, with 230+ listings at any given time. Categories are also broken down into an abundance of subcategories, which makes it exceptionally easy to locate the item for which you are searching. In addition to the usual filter and sort features, Archetyp also offers a “Quantity Sort” option that allows buyers to find an item at the cheapest price per gram/oz/etc.

Payment Methods

Archetyp accepts only Monero (XMR) as a means of deposit. Account wallets must be funded prior to order placement. The market is exceptionally simple in that it does not support payment methods outside of Escrow, although it looks like they had plans to introduce Finalize Early at some point. The order placement and checkout experience is very intuitive and user-friendly, although you will of course still need to know how to use PGP to encrypt order information. Archetyp handles their feedback system in a very transparent, straightforward manner, and seems to be willing to hear out customers in the event of a dispute.

Archetyp Market Pros

  • Simple, straight-forward market with a good UI.
  • XMR-only, forced PGP encryption.
  • Order placement made simple for the buyer.

Archetyp Market Cons

  • Limited to drugs, medications, and research chemicals.
  • No Direct Pay or Finalize Early options.
  • Selection of listings is somewhat limited.

In all, Archetyp appears to be a solid but less-traveled darknet market that has yet to really establish itself. Archetyp frequently makes the news on Twitter and elsewhere because of its Deadpool section in which users can vote on how other darknet markets will end their operations. Other than that, however, it is not much talked about, maintaining a rather small but tight-knit community for the time being.

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