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Launched in late 2021, Black Market is a smaller darknet market that advertises itself as employing a liberal stance toward what they allow vendors to list there. Of course, most of the usual highly-illicit items are still banned, but they allow listings for fentanyl (even though their vendor rules say “no fentanyl”), malware, services for botnets and hacking, stolen documents, and have no geo-restrictions on who is allowed to use their market. According to stats displayed at the bottom of the webpage, BlackMarket currently hosts about 250 vendors, 14,800 members and 6,500 listings.

BlackMarket Link – blackpyrg5mnvme53traz2eb23wzugmy3bldgsripsiptaebxl72ymad.onion

BlackMarket uses the AlphaBay template for its site design which makes it largely familiar for experienced darknet market users. The account creation process is exceptionally simple, requiring only a username and password to get started. Once inside, the user is free to browse the market but must first attach a PGP key and enable 2-FA before placing any orders. BlackMarket seems to be fairly well protected against DDOS attacks but as it remains relatively unknown it is yet to really be battle-tested in this regard.

Product Selection

Listings on BlackMarket are divided into the following categories: Digital Goods, Counterfeit Items, Services, Drugs, and Fraud. While the market has more drug products than all other categories combined, it does have a significant number of counterfeit items listings, over 800 in all. Despite being fairly liberal with what they allow to be listed, they do not allow tutorial listings which cuts down on the amount of spam. Several vendors on BlackMarket will ship internationally, and the vendors there seem to be fairly dispersed across the major market areas across the world (EU, UK, US, Australia and Canada).

Payment Methods

BlackMarket supports Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and Litecoin (LTC) as deposit options, giving the buyer a fair amount of flexibility, but not all vendors accept all three coins (many only accept BTC). Buyers must first fund their account wallet before placing any type of order and there are no types of advanced payment options, like per order (Direct Pay) or multisig payments. The market does grant FE to experienced vendors, but hardly any vendors have racked up enough sales on the site to gain this privilege. Because the market has not established much of a reputation thus far, it is recommended to never keep too much in funds there at a time.

BlackMarket Pros

  • Supports XMR and LTC in addition to BTC.
  • Supports PGP 2-FA for login.
  • Diverse array of listings, some not seen on many other markets.
  • Easy to navigate, easy registration & order placement process.

BlackMarket Cons

  • Small number of vendors and fairly small number of listings.
  • Does not support multisig or per order payments.
  • Several vendors do not accept XMR for payment.
  • Not well established in the darknet market scene.

BlackMarket URL – blackpyrg5mnvme53traz2eb23wzugmy3bldgsripsiptaebxl72ymad.onion

In all, BlackMarket is a small market that offers some of the basic features that users have come to expect in today’s era of darknet markets, such as DDOS protection, support for Monero and 2-FA login. It has a nice site design that makes it easy to find specific products, but is still antiquated in the regard that it forces users to rely on them to hold and escrow all funds. Because of this, buyers are reminded to take caution when making a deposit there for the first time, and never deposit more than is required to cover one order at a time.