Cocorico Market

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Estimated read time 3 min read

Cocorico is a France-centered darknet market that was created for citizens of that country and French-speaking territories. A newer market, it is still very small, offering slightly over 300 listings in total. It is possible to switch the language of the website’s text between English and French. While most vendors only ship within France or its territories, some vendors will ship out of France to locations in the EU or even worldwide. To help onboard new vendors, they have made vendor bond payments “pay-as-you-go,” meaning vendors only need to provide partial bond payments after each successful sale, as opposed to the whole thing up front (as is the norm).

Cocorico Market link – xv3dbyx4iv35g7z2uoz2yznroy56oe32t7eppw2l2xvuel7km2xemrad.onion

Cocorico is divided into two main sections: Market and Forum. Both components are set up in such a way that no membership is required to view their contents. This makes browsing the market especially easy as you can find out if its right for you before having to generate an account. If you do decide to create an account, the process is quite easy. PGP key information can be uploaded after account creation. The market is JavaScript-free and the admins seem to want to do a decent job of protecting the privacy and well-being of their users.

Product Selection

As mentioned, the market is still very new and does not have a large selection of products. It is divided into the following categories: Drugs, Online Business, Software, Services, Forgeries/Counterfeits, and Defense Spying Surveillance. About 1/3 of all its listings can be found in the Cannabis subcategory. Some categories are completely devoid of listings, while others possess only a handful of listings. The handful of successful vendors that are on the market have only a few successful sales under their belt.

Payment Methods

Cocorico supports both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Item prices are denominated in euros. Funds must be deposited in an account wallet before making a purchase, and all payments are made using the traditional market escrow system. This means Cocorico does not support multisig, per-order payments (Direct Pay), or Finalize Early (FE).

Cocorico Pros

  • Bilingual market for France- and EU-based customers
  • No login required to view market contents
  • Forum available for users who want to ask questions
  • Supports XMR

Cocorico Cons

  • Very limited amount of listings
  • Relies on traditional account wallet system
  • Most vendors do not ship outside of France
  • No advanced features, FE unavailable

Cocorico Market URL – xv3dbyx4iv35g7z2uoz2yznroy56oe32t7eppw2l2xvuel7km2xemrad.onion

In all, Cocorico is closing the gap between non-English speaking darknet market customers and the markets themselves by offering such a market that is fully available in two different languages. While it is still very small at the moment, they have everything in place to deliver the basic darknet shopping experience in a functional manner. At the very least, they offer PGP-based 2-FA for those who desire stronger account security and provide a thorough FAQ on how to use the market. Only time will tell if Cocorico is trustworthy and in the business for the long-haul, but for now they seem to be capable of getting a decent job done.