Dark Matter Market

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Estimated read time 3 min read

Opening for business in the second quarter of 2022, Dark Matter is a smaller darknet market that features a minimalist design, wallet-less payments, and XMR multisig. The latter hasn’t been implemented in many markets yet as it is a bit complicated, yet far more secure than BTC multisig, and a great way to minimalize potential loss of funds. Orders from Dark Matter can also be placed outside of Tor using bots on both Jabber and Telegram, which adds a level of convenience for buyers. Though appearing simple, Dark Matter is packed with modern, desirable features for a darknet market.

Dark Matter Market link – darkmat3kdxestusl437urshpsravq7oqb7t3m36u2l62vnmmldzdmid.onion

One of the interesting things about Dark Matter is its Experience system which allows users to advance through levels to unlock new features. Buyers accrue experience points through successful orders, leaving ratings and feedback, and disputes won. Conversely, buyers lose experience by cancelling orders and losing disputes. An example of an awarded feature is buyers getting their own personalized onion for login upon reaching level 3 (125 experience points). The market also has an Academy section with “courses” on the subjects of PGP and Multisig. Completion of the courses grants experience points.

Product Selection

Listings on Dark Matter are divided into the following categories: Cannabis, Ecstasy, Psychedelic, Stimulants, Dissociatives, Opioids, Prescription, Benzos, Steroids, Digital Products, Fakebase, Fraud, Guides/Tutorials, Legal Items, Precious Metals/Jewels, Security/Hosting, Services, Software/Malware, and Physical Items. While the majority of listings are for digital items (which can be purchased via an auto-shop features), it sports a relatively large selection of stimulant products from vendors in the US, UK, EU, and Australia. While there aren’t a whole lot of vendors on the market, there are some established names that are willing to ship worldwide.

Payment Methods

Dark Matter is a Monero-only market. This means that vendors can only accept XMR for payments. The market supports three different payment methods: Escrow, FE, and Multisig. The market is also wallet-less, which means that it uses a direct pay or per order payment system. Instead of depositing funds to a central account wallet, an individual address is generated for each order. FE is basically the same, but funds are released to the vendor after they have marked the order as shipped. Finally, Multisig allows the buyer, vendor and market to control order funds until the order has been received by the buyer.

Dark Matter Pros

  • Wallet-less (per-order) payments
  • Supports XMR Multisig
  • Supports order placement from Jabber and Telegram bots
  • Auto-shop for digital items purchases

Dark Matter Cons

  • Small selection of product listings
  • Small number of active vendors
  • Most vendors do not accept Multisig payments
  • Most listings are for digital items readily found elsewhere

Dark Matter Market URL – darkmat3kdxestusl437urshpsravq7oqb7t3m36u2l62vnmmldzdmid.onion

In all, Dark Matter seems poised to become a highly successful market in the future as it is loaded with modern features that should be expected of any darknet market in 2023. Among these are its direct pay system and XMR multisig. Its main problem at the moment seems to be a noticeable lack of vendors and traction among the larger DNM community. According to stats kept by the admin, it took Dark Matter about 10 months to accrue 1,000 users, which renders it pretty miniscule compared to most others. For now, buyers may not find exactly what they’re looking for, but its worth keeping an eye on this market to see what kind of growth they incur in the future.