eXch Exchange

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Estimated read time 4 min read

eXch is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency swapping service that supports a limited number of coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), as well as three stablecoins: USDT, USDC, and DAI. Accessible on both clearnet and darknet, this is a relaunched version of an old exchange of the same name that doesn’t have a lot of reputation behind it. It boasts 1-minute swap times, no registration, no hidden fees, no JavaScript required, and no collection of user metadata.

eXch link: http://hszyoqwrcp7cxlxnqmovp6vjvmnwj33g4wviuxqzq47emieaxjaperyd.onion

The design of eXch is very straight-forward, simply requiring a refund address and deposit address from the customer, who is also allowed to select whether they want a flat (fixed) rate or a dynamic (floating) rate, as well as their network fee (slow, medium, or quick). The exchange claims to not log user IP information and therefore does not have any geographic restrictions on who is eligible to use it. They are also very transparent about rates being used for swaps, which are displayed in the bottom section of the site.

eXch Exchange

eXch in its current iteration opened for business in September 2022. It originally launched in 2014 but ceased operations in late 2016. For whatever reasons, the exchange is now back under the same ownership with an expanded list of supported coins. Not a whole lot can be found about them on the web, with only a handful of references to them scattered on various forums. It is worth noting that none of these references contain anything negative. In addition to their on-site support, eXch maintains a presence on Bitcointalk where they appear to be semi-active.

eXch Features

eXch is a fairly-straight forward exchanger that offers users a choice between a flat exchange rate and a dynamic exchange rate. Users simply select the coin they wish to exchange (BTC, XMR, LTC, ETH, DASH, USDT, USDC, DAI), the coin they wish to receive, and where they want the exchanged funds sent. eXch also requires the provision of a refund address in case they do not have enough reserves to complete the exchange or something else goes wrong. The exchange says the swapping process is entirely automated and is complete within one minute after the first network confirmation of the deposit transaction.

eXch Fees & Limits

eXch offers a 1% fee for flat rate exchanges and 0.5% fee for dynamic rate exchanges. While our calculated rates of conversion generally support this, bear in mind that the total fee may be more than 1% taking network transaction fees into consideration. The user is offered three options of network fees depending on how quickly they need the exchanged funds confirmed. eXch does not have a set lower limit for transactions and says sent funds will be returned to the refund address if the deposited amount is too low. The upper limit is determined by eXch’s reserves for the coin which is displayed in the exchange rate information box below the “Calculate” button.

eXch link: http://exch.cx

eXch Conclusion

Though not many reviews can be found for it online, eXch seems to maintain a positive reputation, even in the face of a 6-year absence. They claim to value user privacy more than most similarly-structured exchanges and the fact that they can be accessed over Tor supports this. The straight-forward site design and fair degree of flexibility are both pluses for eXch. Perhaps their biggest limitation is perpetually low reserves of XMR, which limit those looking to cash in to Monero. It is recommended you process smaller amounts of coins with this exchange as there is little recourse for a failed swap.