Exolix Exchange

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Estimated read time 3 min read

Exolix is a cryptocurrency swapping service that has been in operation for a little over three years and supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens, currently numbering about 395 in all. They offer some degree of flexibility in swaps with fees dependent on the coins being swapped and whether fixed or floating rate is chosen. The most popular swapping pair offered by Exolix is BTC/XMR. No account is required to begin a swap.

Exolix Link : exolix.com

One thing to keep in mind about Exolix is that contrary to their “No KYC” claim on their homepage, there are no guarantees that personal information provided to the platform will be kept confidential. According to their terms of service, they reserve the right to transmit your user data and/or IP address to “business partners or the government” in the name “preventing” illegal activity. They also reference an AML/KYC policy which they say “may be applied to you or may be requested by Exolix at any time.” For this reason, customers striving to maintain anonymity will want to look elsewhere.

About Exolix

Exolix opened for business in 2019 with support for over 100 coins and tokens. Over the next three years they would add several more and are currently support close to 400 in all. They can be contacted through a wide variety of means, including their internal customer support, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, and Reddit. According to stats kept by the exchange, they process close to 2,000 transactions every 24 hours, with an average processing time of around 15 minutes. They have a large number of reviews on external sites, which are mostly positive, though there are a fair number of complaints about them as well, most pertaining to hold ups in exchanges and their KYC/AML policy.

Exolix Features

Exolix sports a sleek design that makes it extremely easy to perform swaps, with most swaps taking somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes to complete (depending on the coin network and network traffic conditions at the time). Some of the cool features that set Exolix apart is their mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, the fact that they support wrapped BTC and ETH, USDT and other tokens on non-native chains, and their support for a large number of lesser-traded tokens that aren’t carried by similar services.

Exolix Fees & Limits

Exolix does not have a clear fee structure, but fees seem to vary between 0.4% and 2.5%, depending on the size of the swap and whether fixed or floating rate is selected. The exchange is set to fixed rate for coin swaps by default, but the user can select a floating rate instead, which can be about 1-2% cheaper, depending on if the exchange rate does not fluctuate too much during the course of the swap. The minimum amount for a swap is 0.002 BTC (or about $42 for other coins and tokens) and there is no maximum limit.

Exolix URL : exolix.com

Exolix Conclusion

Exolix appears to be a mixed bag as an account-free cryptocurrency exchanger. On one hand, they support a huge number of coins and tokens and the simplicity of their website makes the swapping service a breeze. On the other hand, their fees vary rather substantially and there is no way of knowing if you will be one of the unlucky ones chosen for KYC review after a swap has been initiated. Its therefore important to weigh these pros and the cons from a personal standpoint before deciding to make your first swap on Exolix.