GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo (2023)

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Estimated read time 3 min read

If there’s one reason vendors choose the darknet above street-dealing, it’d be the resilience to threats, such as law enforcement, and the ability to operate for a long period of time while not getting caught. However, there are very few vendors who have decided to stay “in the game” for that long. We introduce to you, Gamma Goblin.

This darknet-trusted vendor has been around since the original Silk Road days. That is about 7-8 years, as of this writing. In other words, this is a heck load time to be vending and serving customers on the darknet.

Name:GammaGoblin – Pushing Taboo (Vendor Shop)
Product types:LSD, MDMA, 2CB, DMT(Changa)
GammaGoblin Link:gammaemg7i7k7wenjownsjsenogaqdd6gb5zu2553xve44vxxfj6fiad.onion
Founded:First seen vending on Silk Road 1 (2011-2013)
Total Products:~8
Payment:Direct payment
Official Guide:

GammaGoblin Facts

If LSD tabs are your thing, then consider this vendor one of your best options as they’ve been around for nearly a decade, and in darknet terms, this means a lot.

One thing to note about this vendor, is that they don’t just ship out any amount. This is a bulk vendor, meaning, GammaGoblin url will only ship out (or push, should we say?) large quantities. If you’re looking for smaller amounts, this is what high-street darknet markets such as AlphaBay or Tor2Door Market are there for.

GammaGoblin Pushing Tabs vendor shop screenshot
GammaGoblin vendor shop (pushingra75v4kba.onion)

In conclusion, check out the introduction we wrote about GammaGoblin in the post section. There’s some background info there in case you’re curious.

Featured comments from our readers on GammaGoblin

The dosage of LSD tabs is the predicted amount of LSD in them, not the amount of liquid used to make them, so they should both be 105ug. Predicting and measuring the amoung of acid in a tab is slightly difficult. I have seen GammaGoblin him/herself refer to VoidRealm, Fractal Storm, and Parvati Tears blotters as 100ug, 100-110ug, and 105ug. I have seen people reselling 99.5+% Needlepoint as 99.9% Needlepoint. Important thing is to remember how much safer and consistant this is than buying from strangers on the streets.DrParagon

Individual experiences on LSD vary wildly. Some people think the tabs are underdosed and others think they are overdosed. Things like being tired, underfed, dehydrated, or in a different place can greatly affect your trip. (See the Wikipedia page for “set and setting”.) GammaGoblin take every effort to store your tabs correctly. Most tabs are sent within a week of being opened from the packaging.Anonymous