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Estimated read time 4 min read

Kerberos Marketplace is a darknet market that was launched in February 2022. Graphically intensive compared to most others, its admins claim to have designed it from scratch and that it is the “first and only marketplace that only operates special multi-layer encrypted servers and services.” The market’s layout is easy to navigate, and for whatever reason (maybe to inspire trust), the main admin has provided an interview with themselves in which they provide some background as to their motivations. The market supports 2-FA security and offers a unique mail system that allows messaging of other users.

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For a complete guide on Kerberos Market please visit our guide here.

The captcha systems employed by Kerberos are unique and inventive, yet not overwhelmingly hard to solve. You must register an account to see the contents of the market, which is a straight-forward process. One of the more unique features of Kerberos is that it claims to employ a “Cataclysm Protocol” which is an automated process to ensure vendors/buyers can still retrieve their funds/orders in the event the market is disrupted. Of course, its hard to know if any of this is legitimate or not but the admins did put a lot of thought into at least describing the system.

Product Selection

Despite being less than four months old, the market has already amassed over 1100 listings and sports a decent array of vendors. Listings are divided into the following categories: Drugs & Chemicals, Fraud, Services, Counterfeit, Carded Items, Tutorials, Software & Malware, Hostings, Precious Metals, Gemstones, Jewellery. Categories are further divided into subcategories. Like most other markets, the most popular subcategory on Kerberos is its Cannabis section, which currently contains almost 200 listings. Most other categories and subcategories are a bit sparse for the time being, but listings are well-organized. The market also has a handy search feature that allows users to search by item or vendor.

Payment Methods

Kerberos supports both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment options. The market uses the standard account wallet system which means buyers must first make a deposit to the market before placing an order. All orders are placed using the standard market escrow procedure, meaning they are held by the market until the buyer receives their order and releases them to the vendor. Kerberos does offer Finalize Early (FE) to qualified vendors, and all orders will auto-finalize after a given period if not finalized by the buyer.

Kerberos Pros

  • Friendly interface & site design, dark mode by default
  • Offers full FAQ and how-to guide for users
  • Supports XMR
  • Large array of unique features

Kerberos Cons

  • Must prefund account balance
  • No multisig or per-order payment options
  • Listings selection somewhat small
  • No listing filtering options

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In all, Kerberos Marketplace stands out among other darknet markets for the simple reason that its designers have put a lot of time into assuring its users that their funds are safe. They go above and beyond to describe how the market functions and offer a significant number of novel features. It is of course impossible to know for sure if they are sincere in their dedication to protecting customer funds — after all they do use the account wallet system which makes an exit scam potentially lucrative. Despite this, they seem to have on boarded a decent selection of vendors in their relatively short history and provide everything that is necessary for an adequate darknet market shopping experience.