M00nkey Market

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M00nkey Market is a brand new darknet market which features a unique design that seems to be built from scratch. It seems to have taken a fairly liberal approach to what is allowed to be listed for sale, although the market currently has less than 500 listings in all, and less than 100 vendors. Among the usual offers for drugs and digital items are a few peculiar listings not usually seen elsewhere. The market’s creators have taken a light-hearted approach in their descriptive language but do take the time to lay out what seems to be well-thought security measures, which (according to them) include layered encryption, regular data wipes, and sophisticated internal wallet management systems.

M00nkey Market link – moonkey4f2mkcp6hpackeea356puiry27h3dz3hzbt3adbmsk4gs7wyd.onion

M00nkey Market is accessible via both Tor and I2P networks. Interestingly, it offers shared access for vendors who want to designate specific roles to their staff. This means that the vendor is allowed to customize what other users acting on its behalf can or cannot do with their level of access. Besides being too new to have attracted many users, one downside of the market is a complete reliance on the classic market deposit and account system, which introduces incentive for exit scams. The design of the market is pleasant enough although there is not a whole lot of information regarding market operation to be found.

Product Selection

Listings on M00nkey Market are divided into the following categories: Drugs, Digital Products, Guides and Tutorials, Counterfeit, Carded Items, and Others. According to language in the marketplace rules, pretty much anything can be put up for sale there, with the exception of illicit pornography, “guns, terrorism, or fanciful guides on how to become the next Wolf of Wall Street.” Not many vendors have seemed to take advantage of this yet, however, as listings are currently very sparse. By far, the most popular subcategory on the market is currently Cannabis and Hashish, with slightly over 100 listings. Other popular subcategories include Steroids, Benzos, and Opioids.

Payment Methods

M00nkey Market accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as deposit options. You must make a deposit to your account’s wallet before placing an order. There are no Direct Pay or Multisig payment options to be found. It appears that M00nkey does allow some vendors Finalize Early (FE) privileges, although no vendors seem to have been granted this privilege thus far (there are very few completed sales to be found on the market and most vendor feedback has been imported from other markets).

M00nkey Market Pros

  • Easy-to-navigate site design and clear, intuitive layout.
  • Not many restrictions on what can be listed.
  • Shared access for vendor teams.
  • Accessible via I2P.

M00nkey Market Cons

  • Very small selection of listings and vendors.
  • No per-order payment or multisig escrow options.
  • Hardly any sales completed on the market thus far.
  • Bare bones in terms of features.

M00nkey Market url – moonkey4f2mkcp6hpackeea356puiry27h3dz3hzbt3adbmsk4gs7wyd.onion

In all, it’s hard to predict the future of M00nkey Market as it currently stands. The market is new, unproven, and needs to attract more experienced vendors if it hopes to catch on with the broader darknet market community. Despite claiming to offer a sufficient amount of security for its users, it seems to be extremely simple and sparse when it comes to advanced features. If you make the decision to use M00nkey Market, we recommend depositing only enough funds to cover one order at a time to mitigate potential loss in case things should not go according to plan.