Mega Darknet Market

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Estimated read time 3 min read

Mega is a newer Russian-language darknet market that has risen to fill the footsteps of Hydra, which was shut down in early April 2022. Though still only a tiny fraction of Hydra’s size, it is one of the go-to markets for those located in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. According to stats kept by the market, it currently has about 18,700 product listings and 6,200 vendors, or “stores” as they call them. The market’s account creation procedure is exceptionally simple, requiring only a username and password to get started. You will of course want to attach a PGP key to your account before making a purchase. Note that you must have JavaScript enabled in your Tor browser to visit Mega.

Mega Darknet Market Link – mega55c5n43r6huw3gg6gufg665hb3xdoondm4fvd4sfrikdyqmvs7yd.onion

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Much like Hydra, Mega is vendor-focused, encouraging users to shop via vendor rather than by search result. This is because most deliveries are made using the “dead drop” system, where packages (“treasures”) are left in discreet places for pick up by the customer. You must also reside in Russia or a nearby territory to use the market (other countries where “shops” are located include Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and a small handful of others). While there have been other Russian-language markets active since the downfall of Hydra, Mega is currently the most popular and appears to be the most trusted.

Product Selection

Mega sports a round selection of physical items, digital items, and services, with major drug categories including Marijuana, Stimulants, Psychedelics, Ecstasy, Opiates, and Dissociatives. They also have sections for carding, hacking, software, guides, and array of unique services not often seen in other markets (including courier and management services). Items can be located by using the search feature and/or an advanced assortment of filters which include category, location, drop type, quantity, and price (displayed in RUB, USD, EUR or BTC).

Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies supported by Mega include Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and Tether (USDT). Most shops will accept any of these currencies for payment. All orders placed through Mega use the market escrow, as most orders are done using the dead drop system. The market features an in-built exchange where customers can swap BTC, XMR and USDT for each other in one of six different exchange pairs. It also features a BTC buy service through where users can purchase BTC using RUB. Orders are placed according to location and can vary in price depending on the location.

Mega Pros

  • Abundant selection of listings and shop-serviced locations
  • Simple registration process
  • Accepts 3 different cryptocurrencies (BTC, XMR, USDT)

Mega Cons

  • Services mostly Russia and nearby countries/territories
  • Hard to locate vendors that will ship internationally
  • All payments reliant on market escrow (no multisig or per-order payment option)

Mega Market URL – mega55c5n43r6huw3gg6gufg665hb3xdoondm4fvd4sfrikdyqmvs7yd.onion

In all, Mega seems to be the go-to Russia-speaking market at the moment, and quite possibly the best successor of Hydra. It has managed to attract quite a few former vendors and customers over the last few months and seems to be a reasonably reliable option for those in that region. If this does not include your location, you will likely want to use a different market. Mega’s reliance on the old market-controlled wallet and escrow system does make it a candidate for an exit scam, but for now it appears to be a fairly competent and trustworthy operation.