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We are happy to announce that NextGeneration Vendor shop is now open! We are offering 10% OFF on all products for first two weeks!

Our product range

  • Fishscale Cocaine
  • MDMA
  • Cannabis
  • Diazepam
  • Amphetamine

UK to UK
UK to EU

Our cutoff times:
Monday- Friday 14:00

Our vendor shop mirrors signed by our PGP key:

NextGeneration shop link-

Mirror 1: nextgenat5lc6tymucubxdc2ud3542sttpnrjtjmro5y7ypofa5gbkid.onion
Mirror 2: nextgenwvz32yivcfhcdm7e4a4wj3frsxwwry2f4ylpwdzi5lrjpvpyd.onion
Mirror 3: nextgenxmn4edeylfvvnuea2a4vtrdwjemcdnal6igb6z25ymnzchiad.onion