OMG!OMG! Market

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Estimated read time 3 min read

OMG!OMG! is a drug-focused darknet market that services customers in Russian-speaking countries only. After the shutdown of Hydra in April 2022, the market was positioned to take its place and for a short while was the most popular DNM in Russia. Strife between other markets made their domination somewhat difficult, however, and by the end of 2022, OMG!OMG! was the fourth largest darknet market, a position which it is currently struggling to maintain. The market seems to take itself extremely seriously, having an unusually detailed list of rules by which buyers and sellers are expected to abide.

OMG!OMG! market link- omgomgomg5j4yrr4mjdv3h5c5xfvxtqqs2in7smi65mjps7wvkmqmtqd.onion

In addition to serving major population centers throughout Russia, OMG!OMG! shops cater to customers in the following countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The market uses the dead drop (“buried treasure”) system like most Russian darknet markets, with items available via “instant” purchase (pre-hidden) or “pre-order” which allows the customer some say into how the order is hidden. Some vendors offer support purchases by mail. OMG!OMG! is available in both Russian and English. The market currently hosts slightly over 1,500 independent vendor shops in all, with the vast majority offering listings for drugs and related items.

OMG!OMG! Product Selection

OMG!OMG! mainly specializes in drug sales, with listings divided into the following categories: Cannabinoids, Stimulants, Euphoretics (MDMA), Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Opioids, Pharmaceuticals, Other, and Jobs. The “Other” category is reserved mainly for hacking utilities, banking info, SIM cards, digital documents, and packaging for drug couriers (kladsmen). Here you will also find equipment for drug synthesis and drug precursors. The “Jobs” category contains the following subcategories: Pawnbroker, Stocker, Courier, Manager, Chemist, Grower, and Other.

OMG!OMG! Payment Methods

Bitcoin is the only accepted method of payment on this market. Buyers must pre-fund their account with BTC that is held in a centrally-controlled wallet before making a purchase. After purchasing an item, the item cost amount of BTC is withdrawn from the wallet and held in a central escrow. After the buyer has left feedback for the item or otherwise market it as delivered, funds are released to the vendor. Funds are automatically released to the vendor after 1-5 days if the buyer does not finalize the order.


  • Reasonably well-established market that demonstrates commitment to the long-term.
  • Services a wide range of areas throughout the Russian Federation.
  • Supports options for different drop types, pre-orders, and mail deliveries as well.
  • Adherence to rules is taken very seriously.


  • Supports Bitcoin only, no sophisticated payment options available.
  • Does not support users outside of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, or Uzbekistan.
  • No exchange feature for the easy conversion of fiat currency to BTC.
  • Some subcategories are limited, especially for less-sizable population centers.

OMG!OMG! market url- omgomgomg5j4yrr4mjdv3h5c5xfvxtqqs2in7smi65mjps7wvkmqmtqd.onion

In summary, OMG!OMG! has been one of the top competitors for Russian-speaking DNM buyers and sellers in the months following the collapse of Hydra. They have somewhat cemented themselves as a fixture in this landscape, receiving generally high praise from the Russian DNM community. Given the lengths these markets are willing to go to rise to the top and the scrutiny they face from law enforcement, however, their situation will always remain perilous, and potential customers are encouraged to never leave too much at stake in their OMG!OMG! account wallet.