Royal Market

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Estimated read time 4 min read

Royal Market is a newer darknet market that opened for business in October 2020. Registering on the site is super simple, as is the market browsing experience. The layout of Royal seems to be completely unique and learns from the design flaws of other markets. There is no account wallet to which deposits must first be made, and all orders are processed using a per-order payment escrow system (veteran vendors who have earned a lot of “points” on the market are FE-enabled). One of the only downsides of Royal that we can see thus far is that they don’t have much in the way of listing filters, and search functionality is somewhat limited. Both XMR and BTC are supported.

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Royal Market has stopped withdraws and is suspected to be in an exit scam.


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One of the little cool things about Royal Market is that they host a few different tutorials on-site which are available for both Windows and Linux machines. Another is that they provide a “live feed” of user activity (hiding all but the first and last letters of each username), so you can get an idea of how active the market is at any given moment. Because so many other darknet markets have closed shop recently, activity on Royal is bustling. Since the admins want to attract bigtime vendors from other markets, the market can import feedback from 34 different markets, going all the way back to Silk Road. This helps buyers to get a highly accurate picture of the competency of the vendor with which they are dealing.

Product Selection

Royal Market makes the browsing experience a breeze by placing all categories on the front page for easy clicking (even if they are displayed in non-alphabetical order). Categories hosted by Royal include Counterfeit, Steroids, Digital, Drug Recipes, Benzos, Services, Leaks, Opioids, Psychedelics, Prescription, Stimulants, Fraud Documents, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, and Tutorials. As with most darknet markets, Cannabis is their biggest category, though they do offer a tremendous number of digital listings as well. There are over 22,000 listings hosted on Royal Market on any given day, making it one of the bigger darknet markets currently in operation.

Payment Methods

Royal Market uses the per-order (also known as Direct Pay) payment system, meaning there is no centrally-controlled wallet that holds all user funds. Rather, a deposit is only required at time of payment. The market supports both BTC and XMR as payment option. It operates a bit different from most other markets in that several different deposit addresses can be added at one time, and each one can have their own withdrawal password. Buyers will need to configure at least one refund address for refunds. Vendors who have earned a lot of points on Royal’s system are afforded Trusted Vendor status and FE-enabled. All other orders are processed using standard escrow.

Royal Market Pros

  • Large number of vendors and listings across several categories.
  • Intuitive interface, easy-to-use design.
  • Per-Order (Direct Pay) payment system.

Royal Market Cons

  • Lack of sophisticated filters, funky search feature.
  • Lots of spam listings in non-physical item categories.
  • No support for Multisig or other payment options.

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Royal Market has stopped withdraws and is suspected to be in an exit scam.


Royal Market Conclusion

In all, Royal Market seems to be doing extremely well due to the closing of a lot of competition in early 2022. They have managed to incorporate a lot of highly-desired elements, learning from the mistakes of other markets in their almost 1.5 years of existence thus far. As a result, they are attracting a steady flock of new users daily (up to 1,000 registrations per day by their count). We don’t have many bad things to say about them, and it appears they are destined to become the biggest English-language darknet market before the year’s end.